Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 259) Spend Time

Stephen is not ready to spend the rest of the day alone in the manor and wants the opportunity to talk with Zsofia about his family and about her as an individual. This will be his excuse anyway, that is if an excuse is even necessary.

He would truly like to know more about her as a person, what her plans are for the future. The more time they have spent together, the more he respects who she is, and the more attracted to her he has become.

“Are you sure you do not mind Tamas napping?” Zsofia questions softly. “With Grandfather’s unexpected trip, I feel as if we have intruded on your time too much already.”

“Yes, please. . . I mean yes, I’m sure.” He says in an awkward way. “Wow, none of that is coming out right.” Stephen shakes his head at his own nervousness. “What I mean is, I hate to have him walking that far when he is tired. After all, I have days and months to organize this place and I’d like to spend time with you, you know. . . to talk about our families and stuff.”


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