Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 261) Puzzling

Zsofia is sitting on the floor with her back against the masonry wall as she peers out through the banister railings to the entry hall below. Stephen sits down beside her and realizes how massive the space looks with its tall ceiling and paneled walls. The light shining in through the window accentuates the deep rich color of the wood, pulling the warm and natural tones to the front.

“So, what are we doing up here?” Stephen asks as he mimics her sitting position and looks out at the room.

She nudges his arm for the copycat behavior and they both grin. Being this close to her, once again he breathes in the light scent of lemon and raspberries. He knows as fact, this sweet berry fragrance is one he will never grow tired of.

“I just like it up here where I can view the conservatory if I want to.” She turns sideways to look out the multicolored glass window that spans the wall from ceiling to floor. “Plus, I still have a view of the main floor. When Tamas wakes up I want to be nearby.” She says as she looks at him. “You look a lot like your grandfather from the side.”

“Do I?” He questions as he turns to face her.

Her eyes are piercing blue and the light from the window makes them appear reflective and bottomless. There is an honest quality to her of thoughtfulness and he feels a connection that he finds puzzling. He looks away as he begins to speak.


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