Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 264) I Never Forgot

“Stephen,” Zsofia says in a whisper, “you were in shock, it is okay that you blocked it out of your memory and it is okay that you do not remember me being there.” She says even though she honestly wishes he did.

He is not sure how to respond to her serious and obvious sincerity. He knows that experience changed his life dramatically and haunting memories still dwell deep inside him. It feels so strange to him that she has this attachment after all these years but being here, holding her hands feels right.

“I am so sorry that you were a witness, at such a young age, to the horrific death of your grandfather.” She squeezes his hands slightly. “It is very difficult to watch someone in pain suffer and not be able to do anything about it.” She glances down at the entry to the sitting room where Tamas is sleeping.

“Zsofia, I had no idea you were there.” Stephen begins but Zsofia shakes her head no.

“I was not in the room or even the house. Tamas and I were outside playing under the tree. He had recently made up an imaginary friend and we were in a game of hide and seek, except I never saw his friend of course.” She laughs. “We were looking for him when we heard the commotion in the house and by the time we came inside, you were huddled on the floor. . . screaming.” She looks down at her hands in his. “I never forgot that. . . I never forgot you.”


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