Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 265) Lost Time

With her still looking down, Stephen pulls Zsofia to him as they hold on to one another. She feels warm and comforting and he is not sure which of the two needed the hug more. He finds himself almost angry that their friendship did not start those many years ago. Lost time is the phrase that keeps slipping through his thoughts as he closes his eyes, comforted by the closeness of Zsofia’s tenderness. Looking up at him, Zsofia begins to smile and Stephen cannot resist the softness of her lips as they kiss. Abruptly there is a loud knock at the door.

“Oh,” Zsofia says as she pulls away, startled by the interruption.

Whoever it is knocks on the door once again then follows with a more rapid pattern as if agitated. Stephen and Zsofia grin at each other, then she looks down in a shy way before standing up.

“I’m sure that woke Tamas.” She says as Stephen takes her hand.

“Do you suppose your grandfather is back?” Stephen questions as they walk down the stairs together.

“No, I know it is not him.” States Zsofia as she raises one eyebrow as if thinking hard on who this could be.


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