Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 269) Unpleasant

“Don’t you ever be rude like that to Tamas.” Stephen replies in a curt manner as he pulls away from her.

He watches Tamas as he walks to the sitting room where he sees that Zsofia is now folding the blanket and not giving him or anyone eye contact. Tamas rolls his toy truck along the back of the sofa while making engine sounds mixed in with a crash and explosion here and there.

Stephen cannot imagine how Kate has made Tamas feel as she picks him apart with her better-than-everyone attitude and ugly glances. It is obvious to him how uncomfortable Zsofia is for her expression is drawn and not the typical happiness she normally presents. He wants to make it clear to her that he is not interested in having Kate in his life but he is not sure how to get her attention.

“Why are you here anyway? I’m pretty sure I didn’t invite you.” Stephen says in a low tone as he tries to control his anger.

Waiting for her to answer, he wonders what it was that he saw in Kate that attracted him in the first place. She is beautiful yes, but in vanity only. Her inner core is dark and unpleasant, and she has come and gone from his life for years now. Each time, he falls for her ploys and suffers when she decides she is once again done with him as she tosses him aside.


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