Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 272) A Lie

“Who are these people, Stephen?” Kate questions and then continues with a lie. “You told me we would be all alone here.” She presses herself against him.

“I haven’t talked to you in months!” Stephen states angrily to this typical destructive Kate behavior.

He backs away from her hoping this makes it clear to Zsofia that he is not happy with this unannounced interruption. Just as he starts to move toward Zsofia to explain, Kate grabs his arm and holds on tight.

“It is alright, Stephen. I need to get back to the teahouse. Thank you for helping with Tamas.” Zsofia states in a very businesslike and commanding manner as she and her brother once again walk toward the door.

“A teahouse? Do you serve food there?” Kate questions, as she walks up behind Zsofia tapping her on the shoulder causing her to turn and face her.

“Yes, we have several different types of tea, baked goods, soups and breads.” Zsofia replies in a methodical manner.


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