Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 273) Brush Away

Zsofia is avoiding any eye contact with Stephen and keeping her focus directed at Kate. She feels that if she looks at him, she will surely lose the control she is trying so hard to maintain. The last thing she wants to have happen is to start crying in front of this cruel stranger.

“Well, why don’t you run down and bring us dinner, I would love to taste a sample of the local food.” Kate wiggles her hand as if to wave Zsofia and Tamas along.

“No, Kate. That is not an option.” Stephen says hurriedly as he watches Zsofia closely and steps in her direction. “I want to finish our conversation, Zsofia.” He says as he reaches toward her.

“Maybe some other time, Stephen.” She does not look at him as she gently pushes Tamas through the doorway before Stephen can get close. “Have a good afternoon.”

Once outside, Zsofia quickly takes Tamas by the hand and turns just long enough to close the door behind them. It is all she can do to keep from crying from this humiliating encounter with Kate. How dare she speak to her brother like that! Angry and hurt, she guides Tamas toward the path that leads them both home. Tears are welling up and she wipes her mouth as if trying to brush away the sweet kiss she and Stephen shared just moments earlier.


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