Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 276) A Wedge

Stephen is looking at Kate, but Zsofia’s face as she was leaving is all he can see. He fears this recent turn of events will drive a wedge between their developing friendship. With Kate barging in and issuing false statements, he worries Zsofia will believe he has been lying to her, stringing her along for company until his girlfriend arrives.

“How the hell did you find this place and what makes you think I would want you here?” Stephen questions angrily.

With his eyes full of anger and disgust, he turns to face Kate but to his surprise, she is not standing nearby as he assumed. Instead, he sees her at the top of the stairs looking out the large round window. It does not appear that she heard anything he said or maybe she has chosen not to acknowledge it.

“Interesting, I guess,” she says as she continues to keep her back to him. “Looks like a great place for an indoor swimming pool, you plan to clear all the debris and weeds out right?” She says of the conservatory and its beautiful landscape.


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