Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 277) Opposite

After slipping one of his anxiety pills into his mouth, Stephen glares up at Kate, detesting the comment she just made. Why would he expect her to find the conservatory to be amazing? She cannot see the beauty the enclosed grounds hold, for her ideals and perception is a complete opposite of his. They have never agreed on anything except when Stephen would give in just to make the appearance of it happening.

He now realizes how cold and harsh Kate is and that she is nothing like the warm earthy person he finds Zsofia to be. Why is it that Kate has to show up now just as he was moving away from his past escaping that old worn out portion of his life? She has barged in on him and probably taken away any chance he had at growing closer to Zsofia.

To him, there is no need to respond to Kate’s statement about destroying the unique splendor the conservatory offers. It is not as if she was truly waiting to hear his response anyhow for she turned away from him as soon as the words left her thin red and dry lips.

“Where is our bedroom?” Kate asks as she leans out over the banister railing in a seductive way.


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