Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 280) Indifference

Stunned that Stephen has refused to join her in the typical reuniting ritual that has always worked in the past. Kate steps back from him. Looking eye to eye, she slips her fingers through her dark auburn hair, pulling the short pieces back on one side, barely tucking it behind her ear. With a pouting expression, she stands there and stares at him.

“What is up with you?” She questions in an arrogant way as if to blame him for some appalling action. “I came all this way, bought my own plane tickets, and new clothes,” she points down at her outfit, “and this is the welcome I get?” Her thin lips press hard against each other as she glares at him.

“I did not invite you here.” Stephen replies coldly without wavering from his solid stance in front of her.

This is the first time, during their entire experience together, that he has stood up to her in such a blunt way. Not only does he say the words, but his body language emits confidence as well and Kate honestly does not know how to respond. She simply stands there, expecting a different outcome to her ploy but Stephen’s indifference has her losing the battle of control. It is obvious her spoiled nature is becoming upset.


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