Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 281) Hysterical

“Well, what am I suppose to do now?” Kate questions as she looks up and down the hallway.

“You probably cannot get a flight out until tomorrow, so you’ll just have to stay here somewhere. . .” Stephen looks at the four doorways in the west hall, “I’m not sure where though.”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean!” Kate yells as if hysterical. “This place is monstrous; surely you have a room I can sleep in!”

“That is not what I meant.” Stephen mumbles knowing good and well that once she reaches this point she hears nothing from him. “I haven’t been here long enough to get things organized. You’ll just have to sleep downstairs on the sofa.”

He turns and walks back down the staircase not caring at this point if she wanders the halls or leaves. There is nothing she can do that will change his feelings toward her and if she wants to sleep in a dusty dingy room, then so be it! His only concern is that he has deduced some wild forest animal is probably prowling the halls and if he finds it, he will throw it out as well. Actually, he does not care if it finds Kate and chases her out of the manor for good!


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