Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 282) To Be Alone

Stephen’s mind is strong with rage and disappointment at the same time. He feels angry because of Kate’s inability to care for anyone and upset because he wants to discuss this entire situation with Zsofia whom at this moment is more than likely vowing never to speak to him again. He pops another pill as he walks to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. At this time, he wants nothing more than to be alone.

Each step Stephen takes on the marble and wooden floors seems to echo loudly as the sounds follow him from room to room. Other than the noise he is making, the manor is very quiet. The sun is settling down for the night as Stephen sits at the small table in the kitchen watching the reflection of sunlight as it slowly moves up the wall.

Not at anytime did he feel drowsy and in no manner does he recall falling asleep, but that is exactly what happened. With his head on his arms on the table, Stephen opens his eyes to the darkness in the room. Sitting up rather abruptly, he looks around, confused as to where he is. Sharp spikes of pain shoot through his arms as the blood begins to flow through them at the proper rate. His greatest fear is that he believes he is in the kitchen of the gatehouse where his grandfather died.


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