Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 284) All Is Quiet

Even in this dim light, Stephen feels the need to squint his sensitive eyes to avoid the lights blinding glow. Shaking his head at what he perceives to be his own stupidity for making such a mess, he walks out of the kitchen and into the long massive dining room. Light is filtering in brightening the entry hall from outside.

“What the hell?” he questions as he walks closer.

The door is hanging wide open and Kate’s bags are gone. Folded up and stuck in the lock of the door, is a piece of white paper. Pulling it from its resting place, Stephen unfolds it and begins to read.

“Asshole.” Is the first word he reads aloud then he comments on it in a low tone, “Well that’s a lovely touch, Kate, as expected.” He says to himself as he reads on; “I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in you and I hope your house burns down with you in it. BTW, I took a few things that I can sell to recoup the money I WASTED on YOU! Have a nice life, jerk!”

Stephen steps in the open doorway and peers out into the night hoping he does not find Kate sitting there, as she normally would be, expecting him to plead for her to come back to him. It would be just like her to create a theatrical setup, waiting for him to come crawling back. He walks out of the manor and carefully looks down the trail that leads to the gatehouse but all is quiet.


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