Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 286) Twisted Web

Taking heed of his own gut feelings and emotional state, Stephen does what his impulse is suggesting. In one swift motion, he slams the door shut much like a person would if someone was charging toward them with all their might. After quickly securing the lock, he even takes a few steps back almost anticipating that the entry door will soon be under attack. For quite some time, he stands there, watching and waiting for the slightest sound.

The light from the second floor is dim and that subtle amber glow is all Stephen has to guide him in the room but his gaze stays fixed on the details of the locked door. Thin pieces of black iron bent to fold in and out in every angle and direction in a twisted web, secures itself in the aged hardwood. Stepping forward he touches one of the veins which is cold and wet with dew. He finds this to be odd and a heavy chill begins to settle its way into the manor.


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