Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 287) Encumbered

Looking up at the low lighting of the second floor, Stephen does not feel comfortable enough tonight to wander the halls. At least not right at this moment as his anxiety begins to build causing paranoia to settle into his already cluttered mind. Not only does he feel encumbered with Kate’s appearance here and sickened with the ugliness she presented toward his friends, but he wants to make sure his friendship with Zsofia does not suffer because of this.

He cannot explain, not even to himself, the way he feels about Zsofia. Her honesty and kindness is a direct contrast to Kate’s arrogance and deceit. After Kate’s display and then the assumption that she would be Stephen’s number one concern, he is relieved to know she has left without him having to confront her. He knows he would have worked up enough courage to force her to go, but now she has actually done him a favor and saved him from this confrontation.

Now more than ever, he knows exactly what he does not want in life. He would rather be alone than to suffer endless days with someone like Kate always demanding his time for her own personal gain. With her coming here and then leaving abruptly, he believes this is finally going to be the last time he will see her.


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