Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 288) Crisp Air

Unfortunately, Stephen fears this incident with Kate may have ruined any chance he had at growing closer to Zsofia but maybe that too is a blessing. Maybe he should just be alone from now on. In trying to gather his senses, he thinks of his fair-haired friend walking alone at night between her house and his, not bothered by the haunting sounds and in this case, silence of the countryside. He decides to force himself to embrace it and walk the path now, but only after plopping down two more pills and half a bottle of water.

“I need a drink.” Stephen says to himself as he screws the lid back on the bottle of water and looks up at the clock.

He wonders if a pub or restaurant in town is still open at this hour. It is almost nine o’clock but that should give him a couple of hours before closing time if he hurries. He has yet to make this trek but since Zsofia walks it twice a day, it cannot be too far. With no further thinking on the subject, he opens the door and steps out into the crisp air of night.


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