Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 289) Tread Lightly

Zipping his jacket up to his neck, Stephen shoves his hands into the pockets and heads down the path toward Zsofia’s house. The woods are dark and seem to continue to be abnormally quiet. The scuffing of his shoes along the rocks and pebbles of the trail seem exceptionally loud to him as he tries to tread lightly. Soon the lights of Zsofia’s house begin to trickle through the trees and underbrush of the dense forest and he finds himself hoping she will see him and walk outside.

Stepping out from under the thick canopy of the woods, bright moonlight engulfs him. Looking up the sky is clear except for sparse patches of wispy clouds passing overhead. Focusing on the lights of the house, his heart rate goes up and intense nervousness takes hold as he thinks of possibly speaking with Zsofia. How can he set things straight? When Kate arrived, it was clear that Zsofia was uncomfortable and the look on her face when she left both angers and saddens him.

Stopping in the yard, several feet from the house, he watches the brightly lit window for movement. Questions are swarming his thoughts, what will he say to her when they finally have a chance to discuss what was building between them? After the display Kate made upon arrival, how can he assure Zsofia that Kate has been out of his life for some time now? It angers him that Zsofia as well as Tamas may have been hurt because of him not setting it all straight immediately.


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