Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 290) Laughs

Just as Stephen is about to continue on his way to town an old truck pulls up in the drive as Laszlo returns home from his trip. Slipping back into the shadows of the woods, Stephen watches as Zsofia steps outside to greet her grandfather with a beautiful warming smile and hug. They stand close talking for several minutes and then movement in the window catches Stephen’s eye.

Tamas is talking, as if someone is in the room with him. He then laughs and claps his hands together, which Stephen recognizes as the way Tamas shows he is happy. This activity seems odd since no one else is in the room with him, at least it does not look like it from this angle. Straining to see if there might be a person sitting in one of the chairs, Stephen catches a glimpse of someone small standing just out of the light. Tamas laughs again this time so loud that it catches Zsofia’s attention and she turns to go back into the house.


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