Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 292) Yell His Name

“Come along grandfather, the food is ready.” Zsofia yells out in her sweet voice that to Stephen radiates happiness.

The call for dinner diverts Laszlo from walking any closer to where Stephen lays frozen in place. As soon as the old man steps into the house, Stephen shakes another pill out into his hand then quickly pops it into his mouth. He can feel the blood rushing to his head as he tries to settle himself down from what could have been a grave misunderstanding. Deciding it is too risky to continue to observe the activity here, Stephen quickly walks through the yard stepping out onto the road he knows to follow into town.

The small village nestled in the valley has only a handful of businesses still open at this late hour. Hanging over locked doors and shuttered windows, dim lanterns glow in a mocking display as if to say you are welcomed, but you cannot enter. Just as Stephen spots what appears to be a bar, he hears someone yell his name from across the street.

“Stephen!” Kate shouts at the top of her lungs.


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