Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 300) Tomorrow

“When you are ready, I will be here.” The elderly woman says to Stephen as she points in the direction of a small shop across the street.

The sign at the top of the door has the name Klara’s written in black iron and lace curtains hang loosely in the window draping across each other in layers. The intricate pattern of iron and wood that he has found throughout the manor also trims this woman’s door as well as the window. This not only fascinates him but it frightens him just the same. In seeing this comparison alone, he knows this woman has ties to the manor in some way.

“Ahh,” says the old woman as she holds her voice steady and grins, “I will see you tomorrow, Istvan.” She giggles and winks as she points up at her forehead. “I will see you tomorrow.” She repeats as if chanting and then she laughs in a most devious and childlike way.


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