Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 301) Late Hour

Leaving the strange woman standing in the road, Stephen immediately turns around and begins to make his way back to the manor defaulting on his attempt at getting a drink at a local eatery or bar. Not only has this old woman eluded that she knows his history, but she acts as if she knows his future as well and this is unsettling to say the least.

Without stopping, he quickens his pace and just as he is about to turn the corner where the town goes out of view, he looks back to find the old woman silently watching. He is chilled to the bone at the thought of her and this presses him to move even faster on his walk back to the secluded dwelling he now calls home.

Following the same steps he took from the manor, Stephen passes in front of Zsofia’s house and sees that all the lights are off except one on the second floor. At this late hour, he is sure the family has gone to bed so he does not even try to conceal himself as he passes by. In a way, he wishes Zsofia would see him and run outside to ask him to stop. He wishes to make sure she understands that he is not with Kate and that she has been out of his life for several months.


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