Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 303) Freeze

Ducking down, Stephen huddles on the path to avoid another attack by what he now recognizes as an owl. However, as he looks to his right, he sees what appears to be a figure of some sort. Maybe his eyes are playing tricks on him but as he continues to watch, its features appear to be closer to that of a small child and not a wild animal. This person or animal is standing several feet away but to Stephen, it is clearly and without a doubt, watching him.

The frame is small and thin but he cannot make out features yet he knows whomever or whatever it is, their eyes are upon him, surveying his movements.  Shocked in realizing this, Stephen loses his balance and topples from his hunched position to his side. Trying to focus in on what he is seeing, he realizes the small form has turned and is quickly running deeper into the woods.

As he places his hand on the pebble and dirt path to stand, Stephen notices a track of footprints leading along the edge and then off into the woods, which causes him to freeze in place. The skeletal prints are a close match to the ones he found on the dusty floor of the manor and as he looks in the direction they seem to be going, they veer off on a straight course to where the mysterious figure was just standing.


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