Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 310) Silliest

Sitting on the floor near the fire, Stephen feels paralyzed by this conversation, not only because of his own fear, but also with deep concern for Tamas. Why is it, a person with such an innocent and kind soul is being preyed upon by an evil murderous beast? The bigger question is why now has this ugly thing decided to show itself once again?

“Tamas, has Zsofia ever seen your friend?” Stephen questions.

“No,” he giggles as if that was the silliest question he ever heard.

At first, Stephen finds this answer to be a relief but then again, if Zsofia has not seen it, he wonders how close it has actually been to her at any given time. Until now, he has only been concerned for his own safety but in growing closer to Zsofia and her family, he cannot help but be protective of them as well.

Unfortunately, at this time, he does not know what to do about Tamas. He cannot and will not allow him outside and there will be no walks in the woods until daylight. Then on the other hand, he knows Zsofia and her grandfather will be frantic once they realize Tamas is not at home, but there is no way to contact them. As many times as they have interacted, neither he nor Zsofia have thought to exchange phone numbers.


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