Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 311) He Mumbles

“Do you always play in the woods?” Stephen asks as he digs for more information but Tamas shakes his head no.

“No.” Tamas replies with a frown.

“You never play in the woods?” Stephen repeats as he walks over and sits down on the sofa across from Tamas who is shaking his head no. “Where do you play then?” He quizzes as he leans forward.

Tamas looks up at Stephen with a very solemn expression and does not say anything or react to the question immediately. In fact, he acts as if once he answers he will be in trouble.

“It’s okay, Tamas. I won’t get mad.” Stephen reassures him with a smile.

Again, the reaction from Tamas is a bit unnerving because he seems fearful of sharing this information. Looking down at his hands, he taps his fingertips together in a nervous way before he mumbles something.

“I’m sorry Tamas, but I couldn’t hear you. Where is it that you have played before?”  Stephen repeats the question.

“Here,” Tamas says softly as he points at the floor of the manor. “With Zso. . .fia.”


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