Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 312) Friends

“So all three of you have played here, in the house?” Stephen asks in a playful tone as to not upset Tamas. “Did Zsofia know your friend was here?”

Tamas shakes his head no and looks down in a shy manner as if he just did the most horrible thing possible. He bats his eyes quickly to dry away the tears that are forming and Stephen feels terrible for causing this reaction. He steps over to his friend to reassure him that everything is fine.

“Hey Tamas, we are friends, it is okay.” Stephen smiles as Tamas looks up. “You are not in trouble. I just wanted to know more about your friend, you know, to make sure you are safe. Alright?” Stephen says as he extends his hand for a handshake and this gesture changes the tension in the room dramatically.

He is glad to have helped his friend realize everything is fine and Tamas smiles wide as he takes Stephen’s hand. With a quick pat on the back, Stephen knows he must ask one more question.

“So is your friend here, in the house, right now?” Stephen braces himself for the answer.

“No.” Replies Tamas. “He is out na. . . now.”

Just as the statement leaves his breath, Tamas lets out a long yawn and begins to rub his eyes. It is obvious he is very tired and Stephen knows there is no way they are going back out into the night.


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