Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 315) Two Officers

“Hang on, the bolt is stuck!” Stephen yells so the party on the other side of the door can hear him clearly.

“You are English?” The man standing outside the door asks. Startled that it is not Laszlo or Zsofia on the other side of the intricate barrier, Stephen looks over at Tamas in a questioning manner. He is about to answer when the man knocks harder and says something to another person who is with him.

“Sir!” States the man loudly as he bangs on the door with his fists. This tense moment has pressured Stephen to such a point that he nearly breaks the bolt handle due to the necessary and forceful way he is pulling it. To his surprise, standing on the other side of the door are two men and it is obvious they are police officers.

“I am so sorry, the bolt was stuck.” Stephen says nervously as he holds onto the heavy door. The two individuals introduce themselves as the local authorities and explain they have a few questions for him. The taller of the two pulls out a notepad and writes the date and time on the clean piece of paper.

“Are you Stephen Pap?” The smaller man asks.

“Yes,” replies Stephen and now that he is fully awake, realizes they must be here looking for Tamas. “Oh, I know what this is about.” Stephen says quickly but the expression on the faces of the men give off a hint of suspicion. “You are looking for Tamas aren’t you?” Both men glance at each other and the taller man speaks.

“Tamas Eszes?” He questions. “He is here with you?”

“Umm, yes. Isn’t that why you are here? I found him wandering in the woods last night, but since it was so late I let him sleep here for. . .” Before Stephen can finish his statement of finding Tamas in the woods, the shortest officer interrupts him and in Hungarian, the two officers have a conversation.


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