Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 317) Conditions

“Did you see her, your ex-girlfriend Kate, after she left? Were you in town?” The officer asks and Stephen knows where this is leading.

“Well, yeah I did. We had a slight confrontation on the street but that is all. I came home immediately after.” Stephen assures the officer.

“I am sorry sir, but she has been found. . . dead.” The officer states rather bluntly.

Shocked by what he just heard, Stephen stands silent for what seems like minutes. He is replaying the events of the night in his head. He knows Kate left the manor while he dozed in the kitchen and the fight they had in town was all a drunken misunderstanding, and what about the man who escorted her into the hotel?

“What. . . I don’t understand, what happened?” Stephen questions still trying to comprehend what he has been told.

“It seems she died from an asthma attack. Did you know of any other health conditions she may have had?” The tall man questions as he holds his pen steady to take notes.

“No, I don’t.” Stephen replies. “I do not recall her having asthma either.”


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