Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 318) Questioning

“She was found in a small hotel room, it looked as if there was a struggle and several items were broken.” The officer states in a rather peculiar and questioning manner. “A couple staying in the next room heard her yelling and what sounded like things being thrown at the wall. However, as they were about to call the front desk to report it, everything stopped. They watched and waited for someone to leave, but no one did. The room was secure and locked from the inside when we went to investigate.” The man pauses as he looks behind Stephen at the staircase. “We find that to be very odd.”

Stephen is trying to comprehend this strange chain of events and then realizes the officers seem to be implying that he may have had something to do with Kate’s unfortunate demise. He does his best to remain calm and simply answer the questions truthfully but he can tell this will push him to his limits.

“I saw her enter the hotel with a man last night.” Stephen starts as he hopes to have a chance to explain their fight but he is quickly shutdown.

“That was me, I was on patrol in town last night.” The other man states as he looks Stephen in the eyes. “I assure you the desk clerk sent her straight to her room.” He pauses and then continues with, “Do you know if she suffered from mental illness?”

“She is. . . was. . . a very complex person but other than being spoiled, I guess she was, normal.” Stephen replies cautiously.


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