Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 321) Feeling Cold

“I believe we can handle this,” The officer says as he places his hand on Stephen’s chest making it clear he needs to stop where he is.

Tamas walks over to Zsofia who pulls him into a tight hug as she smiles and speaks into his ear. Then with forehead to forehead, they look into each other’s eyes as they talk quietly. With one final glance at Stephen, she takes Tamas by the hand and guides him over to the parked police car where they both get in and sit down. Her face did not reflect any particular feeling, not anger or fear, not even sadness as she made the quick eye contact, and this leaves Stephen feeling cold and alone.

“If we have further questions, we will be in touch.” The smaller man states as he glances up at the windows of the floors above them.

Both officers walk to the car where Zsofia and Tamas sit inside, waiting. After starting the vehicle and pulling forward, the brake lights flash off and on in random order as the driver maneuvers around weeds and plants that have nearly overgrown the driveway. This random growth of nature makes it unrecognizable as a road.


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