Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 325) Cascades

Not only does Stephen find it odd that the details of Klara’s shop match the look of the manor, but in glancing around at the adjoining buildings, her shop is the only one on the street adorned in such a way. He pushes the door open and steps inside the shadowy and heavily cluttered room. Sitting around on many old pieces of dark and hand painted furniture, are herbs and spices as well as candles and seeds for planting.

“Hello?” Stephen questions as he gently closes the heavy door behind him.

On the counter to his right is a white candle in a glass jar filled with what appears to be salt or sand. The sweet scent of gardenia fills the air with an undertone of moss and leaves, much like the forest smells after a gentle soaking rain. Red and orange scarves hang over two lamps that stand on either side near the back of the room. They produce a reddish-yellow glow that cascades across everything, tinting the items and skewing their natural color.

“Is anyone here? He asks again as he walks over to a tall cabinet.


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