Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 327) Influence

“What is it you come for? Do you know?” The old woman riddles.

Stephen does not reply, not at first, for now he wonders why he has come here. Last night she told him he would be back and he wonders if he is simply acting under her influence, or if he does have a true agenda.

“You want answers that I can give.” She states in a frank manner as she walks over to the counter where a steamy cup of liquid is sitting.

Slurping at the edge of the cup, she takes several sips and then opens a small vial pouring its contents into the cup. She swirls it around with her finger then drinks the rest of it down in one gulp. Stephen stands silently watching as she goes through this odd ritual.

“What is it you seek today young man?” She asks without turning to look at him. “Perhaps your future, your past. . . or possibly both?”

The silence in the room that follows feels thick and awkward to Stephen. He looks at the door and in all honesty, feels he should leave without saying another word. He has no idea why he felt the need to come here. His encounter with her last night was strange to say the least, but now he wonders, what does he expect to gain from such an odd woman?


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