Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 328) Born Here

“You were born here, did you know that?” The little woman questions.

“No, I did not.” Stephen replies honestly.

“Your true birth name is Istvan, but it was changed when your family moved away.” She pauses slightly. “It is strange when hateful people pass.” She continues to look in the opposite direction. “You sometimes wonder if they could have changed before their visit here on earth ended, but you and I both know that is not possible. Hate feeds on hate, evil breads evil and gluttons feed themselves.” The old woman grumbles as she tips her head to the side to glance at Stephen. “You won’t miss her, for she never missed you.”

This statement freezes Stephen in place for he knows she is speaking about Kate. How would she be privy to her passing, has the news already traveled that fast around town? Does she too suspect he had something to do with her death? He knows he was not involved in the incident that took her life, yet he feels guilty just the same.

“No need to feel guilty, she got what she deserved.” With that statement, the old woman giggles which Stephen finds to be a rather cold way to speak of the dead yet, he cannot help but agree with her. “She struggled. . .” The old woman squints at him. “Yes, it all comes back in the end.”


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