Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 330) Come With Me

Shivering, Stephen steps away from the shop door and holds his arms to protect himself from the chill that seems to have taken over the room. Is she referring to the night Kate left? When he awoke, the door was ajar and no one was around. Zsofia had warned him that it was a rule not to ever leave the manor door open and unattended, but just last night, this did in fact happen.

“What are you talking about?” Stephen asks in a subdued way as if worried that someone might hear this conversation.

“Here,” she says as she pours hot water into the cup. “Carry this, do not drink it!” She says quickly as she stares at him. “Come with me.” She hands him the cup and saucer.

“Ma’am,” Stephen begins to protest.

“You call me Klara, this is all I am to you.” She states as she hobbles toward a curtained doorway.

Stephen follows her as they walk through deep purple, almost black velvety curtains to a room that has a small round table in the middle of it. Standing in the entrance, with the curtain held back by his hand, the room smells musty and old mixed with the scent of soap and spices. The dark furnishings of brown and deep reds overshadow any light that has found its way in from the drawn curtain where Stephen is standing.


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