Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 334) The Saucer

With her eyes closed, Klara directs Stephen in the next step, “Lift the cup and swirl the contents until the leaves stick to the side.” She waits for him to complete this. “Now, with the pinky of your right hand on the handle of the teacup and touching only the handle. . . turn it to the left four times and stop where you started.”

She sits very still and as soon as Stephen begins to turn the cup, she tips her head as she listens to the movement. She then begins to count.

“One, two, three, four, good, good.” She smiles still keeping her lids closed. “Now, quickly turn the cup upside-down on the saucer and take three long slow breaths.” Stephen follows her directions exactly. “Now lift the cup and set it on the table beside the saucer.”

Opening her eyes, Klara pulls herself up out of the chair and walks over to Stephen. Standing beside him, she leans over to view the cup and saucer. She is very quiet for several minutes as she stands next to him as if mesmerized. Finally, she returns to her chair and sits down but again, she is silent. Stephen is growing impatient.


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