Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 335) A Curse

“So? What was this all about?” Stephen says as he points to the teacup.

“What I have feared all these many years is true. You are gifted dear Istvan, but haunted by your visions.” She speaks quietly as if someone may overhear her. “You are placing others in danger and do not realize it. Your friend and her brother are in grave danger and something horrible is about to happen. You should leave this land before it takes you.” She leans her elbows on the table and tips her head down as if exhausted. “If you are not careful, they may carry the same fate as Kate.”

“What do you mean by that?” Stephen blurts out now very upset that she is stating Zsofia and Tamas may die. “What can they possibly have in common with Kate?” He questions as the old woman looks up at him.

“You dear boy. You.” She whispers as if her voice is far away. “Your family carries a curse unlike any other. The demon was summoned to a trap, now death is sure to come to all who dwell in the presence of the past.”


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