Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 338) This I Know

“Go as you wish, but farther than the manor, you must run Istvan!” Klara yells just as Stephen grabs hold of the handle of the shop door where he pauses and wonders if the creature from the woods is still out there, hiding and watching. “Yes Istvan, the answer to your questions, is yes!”

He cannot believe what the old woman just said for it seems that she is reading his mind. Klara appears just inside the dark curtains and looks up from the crooked hump that pushes her neck and head forward.

“First it was released from its chamber and roamed free in the house. Your great-uncle paid the price for that mistake.” She winks.

Stephen finds this news to be anything but worthy of a wink. In fact, it is terrifying. He knew from the funeral that things were not right, even Zsofia questioned his death.

“Yes, his greed opened the cell and out the demon jumped!” She says loudly as her hands begin to shake. “Then, just the other night, the door was left ajar and no one was watching. The wood and iron that bound it inside will repel it from entering as well. As long as you remain behind the iron, wood and salt of the earth, it cannot come in.” She hesitates as she closes her eyes. “Believe me. . . it wants in for it was offered safe haven there.” She says firmly. “You have questions,” Her voice quivers. “and you will be back to see me, this I know as fact dear boy, this I know.”


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