Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 339) Be Fearful

With her final statement echoing loudly over and over in his head, Stephen leaves Klara’s shop and steps out into the blinding light of mid afternoon. He looks up and down the street unsure of where to go next. If the evil thing that killed his grandfather is lurking in the shadows, then how much of a chance does he have of making it home alive?

Klara said he will be back and even though he feels she knows more than she is revealing, he swears to himself that he will prove her wrong. He does not plan to see the fanatical old woman ever again! Looking back at her wooden door with its inlaid iron weave, he winces at his own thoughts for her doors and windows share the same adornment, much like the ones at the manor. He looks down at the bottom of the door and sees a dusting of a white grainy substance that crosses the threshold.

“Salt, I remember seeing salt in the basement.” He whispers to himself and this leads him to believe that if what she says is true, then she too must be fearful of something entering her own domain.


Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.
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