Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 340) With Her

With his nerves on edge, Stephen discretely takes one of his pills before glancing up and down the street. He is looking for Zsofia’s teahouse but he does not know the name of it or which direction he is to go from here. However, the town is small and it should not be too difficult to locate.

Turning to his left, he begins walking along the storefronts, peering into the windows of each building as he makes his way along the nearly deserted street. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot get the old woman’s statements out of his head, nor can he stop thinking about Zsofia.

After passing by many buildings of various businesses, the road curves slightly to the left. When Stephen rounds the corner, he sees Zsofia up ahead and several shops away. She is sitting at an outdoor table and with her is the tall police officer who was at the manor, questioning him earlier this morning.


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