Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 341) I Need To Be

Stephen stops and steps back against the wall of the building in order to observe the interaction between Zsofia and this man without them noticing him. However, there is such a distance between where he is and where they sit, that he cannot make out what they are saying. Zsofia is smiling and laughing and Stephen is deducing this is not another interrogation from the man, but more of a social call.

“I’m a stupid idiot.” Stephen says under his breath.

He is angry that he did not immediately stop Kate’s disruption to his and Zsofia’s conversation and even more upset that he allowed her to stay. Most of all he regrets not following Zsofia out the door as she and Tamas left. He should have made his feelings for her clear because now he fears their friendship is over. Once again, Kate has gotten her way and destroyed something positive in Stephen’s life.

Zsofia and the man break into loud laughter as they stand up from the table. They talk a bit more and then enter the shop together. From down the street in the other direction, loud voices can be heard as two men come out of a bar, singing at the top of their lungs.

“Well, that’s where I need to be.” Stephen says to himself as he walks in the direction of the bar.


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