Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 342) Three Patrons

Upon entering the building, Stephen realizes only four other people are there, three men sitting at the bar and the bartender. The three patrons are involved in a serious conversation when Stephen joins them. He sits at the bar leaving two stools between him and the other men. In a quiet tone, he orders a local craft beer from the bartender.

One of the men turns to him and nods hello as the other two hold their glasses up as if asking him to join them. They say something in Hungarian but since Stephen does not speak the language he shakes his head no and looks down at his drink.

“He’s American.” Says the bartender as he swipes a cloth across the top of the bar wiping away water rings and drippings.

“You are from the states, welcome.” The roundest man says before he downs his beer in one quick gulp.

“Where are you staying?” Ask a shorter fellow with dark thick hair and rosy cheeks.

“Um, I’m visiting friends, out on the edge of town.” Stephen replies quickly as to conceal his true identity from them.


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