Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 344) Old Tales

The bartender shakes his head at his three regulars and turns around to clean the mirror behind him but Stephen notices he is watching him in the reflection. The men begin to introduce themselves and the dark-haired man goes first.

“I am Armin.” The man says as he reaches over to shake hands with Stephen.

“My name is Ferenc and my old friend here is. . .” The pudgy man starts to say.

“I think I can say may own name!” The oldest man interrupts with a loud spurt.

“Well hell, say it already!” Ferenc says in a grumpy almost embarrassed manner before he gulps from his glass.

“I would if you’d stop taking up my time!” The man barks and Stephen finds this trio to be quite humorous but he dare not laugh or grin. “I’m Tiborc and it is nice to meet you, Mike.”

“Well Mike,” says Ferenc, “we are dwelling on old tales that used to keep us home at night when we were kids. You know the kind?” He asks as he stumbles over to pull the stool that is next to Stephen out to sit down.

“Um, well yeah, I think we all have ghost stories that haunt us.” Stephen replies as if he is not very interested. “Can I have another?” He asks the bartender as he points to his empty glass.


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