Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 345) Not The Case

“Ah look at him all nonchalant.” Says Tiborc as he leans on the bar. “I betcha never heard of the Guta, now have you?”

“The cheese?” Stephen questions and the men, except for Tiborc, laugh in a very boisterous manner.

“No! No no. The demon!” Tiborc replies as if he is disgusted. “The Guta is feared by all in this region from beyond the mountains and borders of the country to the corpses buried in the graveyards across the land.”

“Fill me up there.” Armin says quietly to the bartender as he moves in closer to the huddling men.

“This demon, and I am not using that term out of context,” he lowers his voice to nearly a whisper, “The Guta is truly a demon. It beats it victims to death.” He pauses as he turns to look at the entrance door as if someone was about to come inside, he then lowers his voice even more.

“You may think the death was from a stroke, or heart attack or paralysis but that is not the case. No, that is not the case at all.” He gulps down nearly a full glass of beer in a matter of a second.


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