Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 347) Not Natural

“You alright there?” Armin questions as he smacks Stephen on the back. “He’s just telling ghost stories, the old man doesn’t know anything.” He says jokingly and then Tiborc grows angry and says something to him in Hungarian that shuts him up quickly.

“What did you say?” Stephen asks as he looks from face to face.

“Don’t be rude, tell him what you said!” The bartender says as he throws his towel at Tiborc, but the man does not speak. “He claims two of his friends died by the hands of the Guta.” The bartender says as he takes the empty glasses from the counter. “He is always in here talking about it anymore, the story is getting old, like you old man.” The bartender spats off at Tiborc.

“It is true. There is no other explanation for it.” Tiborc says in a solemn way as he looks down in memory. “The Pap’s were wonderful people, but the way they died. . . no. . . no, that was not natural.”


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