Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 352) You As Well

“So answer my question Tiborc.” The bartender yells from the doorway. “The Guta, is there a way to stop it?”

All the men move back to their huddle like little boys at a campfire telling ghost stories fearing unseen ears may hear their conversation. All are standing and looking to Tiborc, the eldest member of the group, for the answer. He watches as the bartender steps back behind the counter and then clears his throat.

“From all the stories handed down, I do not recall ever hearing of anyone stopping such an attack.” Tiborc looks down at his empty glass and sighs as the men stand in a moment of silence.

Evening is approaching quickly with the wind of a storm as Zsofia locks the door to the teahouse and begins her walk home. As she passes the last few shops before leaving town, Klara steps up next to her.

“Hello, young lady.” Klara says in her weak and shaking voice.

“Good evening, Klara.” Zsofia replies as she stops to acknowledge her. “Looks like a storm is on its way, you should get inside.”

“You as well, darling.” The old woman grins.


Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.
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