Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 354) His Friend

“You wonder if he likes you.” Klara states as fact. “And you are worried about him, yes?” Her voice cracks.

“Yes, to both.” Zsofia grins with embarrassment as she looks up at the trees that are now blowing wildly from the wind. “He is alone here and some odd things have happened lately adding a bit of confusion to things.” She looks to Klara for a comment but does not receive one. “I have not had a chance to talk to him about it either.” Zsofia leans down to look into the old woman’s eyes and asks, “Why are you so interested?”

With eyes squinted, Klara looks up at Zsofia for several seconds, then her expression changes rather drastically as she shakes her head from side to side.

“You need to speak with Tamas, make him stay home; his friend is not what he thinks it to be!” Klara says with urgency as the wind swirls around them and she grabs Zsofia’s hand. “No, no, something horrible will happen! You must not let him wander off alone!”


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