Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 358) Be Safe

Stephen knows he should be heading back to the manor, but the path he took into town was much longer than the hike through the woods. However, after hearing the tales of the Guta, he dare not attempt to travel home in the dark, not after what happened last night. At this point in the evening, he truly feels trapped here by his own fear and the validation of such a nightmarish beast.

“I think he’s a bit under the weather.” The bartender says as he removes the empty glass from Stephen’s hand.

“Ah, you can stay with me if you need a place to rest your head.” Fernec says loudly. “My wife is used to me bringing home strays!”

Fernec grins as he looks at the bartender for a laugh to the joke, but his comment is greeted with a stern unemotional and uninterested stare. Fernec’s smile fades and he clears his throat.

“No, I’ll be fine.” Stephen assures them but in his mind, he has no clue of his next move.

“All of us need to be getting on our way if that wind is bringing in a storm.” Toborc directs. “Be safe, Mike.”


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