Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 359) Spooked

The other men say their good nights to each other as Stephen pulls his wallet out of his pant pocket to pay for his drinks. He received several envelopes of currency at the funeral and is thankful he is carrying it with him tonight.

“No need,” says the bartender as he takes the key to the door out of his cash drawer. “Toborc picked up your bill, you are paid in full.”

“Oh, I had no idea.” Stephen says with surprise.

“He’s a good man, a friend for life kind of guy.” The bartender flips a switch on the wall, which shuts the lights off near the door. “I do not mean to throw you out, but it is time to lock up.”

“Oh, yes, right.” Stephen says as he stands up.

“You spooked about their ghost stories?” The bartender asks but does not give Stephen a chance to reply. “Don’t be, those tales have been handed down for generations and have probably grown into something bigger than they actually are. It’s the twisted minds of parents who make up such nonsense to keep you home at night.”

“Yeah. . . well, I better get going.” Stephen says as he slowly walks to the door.

“Thanks for stopping by!” The bartender says as he follows so he can lock up for the night.


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