Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 360) Longest One

Moist air dampens the ground as dusk elapses into nighttime and a heavy gloom encroaches upon the small village. The wet shiny bricks and stones of the buildings look cold and dismal in the low light as Stephen steps out into the night. A shiver takes hold of him as he lifts his hands to his mouth and blows the warmth of his breath out to warm them.

With the clicking sound of a bolt slipping into place, the bartender secures the door from the inside. Oddly enough, it seems to echo loudly in the thick air. Stephen looks back at the solid door now feeling alone and vulnerable as he wonders which direction to take. His goal is to make it home and the only plausible route in his mind is the longest one. It will take him up the road to the private drive instead of the twisted paths of the woods between the manor and Zsofia’s house.

Stepping onto the deserted street, he looks left and right and is surprised that no one else appears to be out. He realizes it is late, but he did not expect the town to be completely quiet. Off in the distance he hears the hoot of an owl, which sounds as distant and lonely as he feels. Clouds are thickening overhead as the moon flickers and dims in response to the passing vapors.


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