Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 366) Lunacy

Rearing up from the squatting position to standing straight up, the ghastly being looks at Stephen and silently its lips begin to curl upward into a broad smile. A giggling hiss of short little breaths and wheezes escapes through its open mouth as it takes on a childlike appearance. It is not a look of innocence and playfulness but of murderous lunacy. Swiftly, a wild and vicious gleam comes over its face and Stephen recognizes the stance immediately.

“No, you can’t do this!” Stephen yells as he pounds at the glass just as the first thrust comes down onto the woman’s chest with great force.

She lunges forward, jolted out of her peaceful rest, and her eyes open wide as the deformed creature raises back for the next hit. It is clear she is confused and instead of looking at the beast causing her pain, she looks over at Stephen.

“No! Stop!” Stephen screams as he again bangs on the window in a repetitious way hoping to stir the man awake.


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