Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 368) People Gather

The woman in the house is thrashing around wildly while looking to her husband for help, she cries out in pain, and it does not appear that she can see her tormentor. In fact, Stephen knows she is blind to it for it is the same as he remembers. The bedroom might as well be full of people and no one there would see the murderous beast. With tears forming in his eyes, Stephen knows he must not give up.

“He’s going to kill her!” Stephen screams just before he feels someone grab him from behind and violently push him to the ground with such force he loses his breath.

Lying on the damp grass with cold moist dirt shoved to the right side of his face, Stephen hears the cries from the woman inside the house. Unfortunately, he is facing the other direction and cannot see what is happening but he now hears more voices as people gather in the yard.


Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.
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